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Sustainable Value Creation

Sustainability Management Vision & Strategy

Top 4 Goals

Creating a Sustainable Base of Life for Mankind:1>New era of prosperity to be created by Hyundai E&C(HDEC PROSPERITY), 2>New era of green environment to be led by Hyundai E&C(HDEC PLANET),3>New era of co-existence with Hyundai E&C(HDEC PEOPLE)

Twelve Propelling Strategies


Enhancing Global Competitiveness

Based on its differentiated technology and proven business track record, Hyundai E&C will lead the future markets by transforming into Total Solution Creator covering all areas of construction.

Innovating Core Technology and Service

Hyundai E&C strives to provide customer-centric services by focusing on securing core technologies to lead the era of the fourth industrial revolution.

Responding to Climate Change

Hyundai E&C is committed to responding to climate change by seeking green, low-carbon transition of its businesses aligned with its future business strategy and recognized for its industry-leading competitiveness in responding to climate change.

Realizing Eco-friendly Construction

Hyundai E&C is focused on using smart construction technologies to build green construction process and minimize environmental impact while improving construction efficiency.

Cultivating Innovative Talents

Hyundai E&C is strengthening its future competitiveness by fostering and developing innovative talents, which is the driving force behind its corporate growth and development.

Enhancing Value Chain Capability

Hyundai E&C strives to establish a joint growth system based on cooperation through sustainable supply chain management.

Improving Safety & Health Implementation

Hyundai E&C makes “safety” a top priority in corporate management and strives to establish a safety culture and enhance safety performance by building systematic infrastructure and system.

Advancing Strategic Social Contribution

Hyundai E&C, as a global builder which has grown together with the Korean people, is actively engaging local communities through strategic CSR activities, seeking win-win growth.

Establishing Sound Governance

Hyundai E&C has built a sound and transparent governance structure based on the three principles of board independence, management expertise, and stakeholder value enhancement.

Internalizing Compliance Ethical Management

Hyundai E&C is building trusted relationship with stakeholders through ethical management activities and fair trade compliance by strengthening compliance and ethical management from employees to subsidiaries, subcontractors, and business partners.

Managing Risk Proactively

Hyundai E&C effectively improves business stability through preemptive risk management and is exploring new business opportunities based on long-term strategic risk analysis.

Protecting Human Rights in Value Chain

Hyundai E&C has established the highest level of human rights management standards to respect and protect the rights of all stakeholders and is compliant with the human rights regulations of the country where it operates.

Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI)

  • DJSI Industry Leader (2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020, 2021)
  • DJSI World (12 consecutive years)
  • DJSI Asia-Pacific (12 consecutive years)
  • DJSI Korea (13 consecutive years)

The DJSI evaluation hosted by S&P Dow Jones Indices, SAM (S&P Global Switzerland SA) in collaboration with Korea Productivity Center (KPC), Hyundai E&C has been nominated as construction industry world leader in 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020 and 2021. We entered DJSI Korea and DJSI World in 2009 and 2010, respectively. Since having entered DJSI Asia-Pacific, we have maintained our position for 12 consecutive years. It means our continuous system improvement and corporate sustainability management activities have been recognized.

Evaluation of Korea Corporate Governance Service (KCGS)

The assessment system consists of 7 levels (S/A+/A/B+/B/C/D), The Korea Corporate Governance Service is adequately equipped with the system aligned with the environmental, social, and governance model standards (less likelihood for undermining shareholder value with an excellent sustainable management system).
  2019 2020 2021
Overall grade A A A
Evaluation area(Environment) A A+ A
Evaluation area(Society) A A A
Evaluation area(Governance structure) B+ A A

Overseas(Institutional shareholder Sevices)

Score Index:A score in the 1st decile(QS:1) indicates relatively higher quality governance practices and relatively lower governance risk, and, conversely, a score in the 1-th decile (QS:10) indicaties relatively higher governance risk.
  March 2017 May 2018 November 2019
ISS Govemance Quality Score 3 3 4
  Board Structure 4 4 5
  Compensation 2 2 2
  Shareholder Rights 3 1 1
  Audit 1 5 1

Award of CDP(Carbon Disclosure Project)

  • Registered into the hall of fame at CDP korea (2018~2021).
  • Won the award of “carbon management honors club.” (ranked first in all areas, 5 consecutive years from to 2014 the 2018).
  • Won the award of “carbon management sector winners” (ranked first in the industry, 7 consecutive years from to 2012 bid).
  • Won “carbon management special award” as a newcomer (2011).

As the world's most reliable global sustainable index, the cdp evaluation evaluates, analyzes, and reports climate change response activities of major global listed companies every year.

Award of CRRA

  • CRReporting Award'12 - Best integrated report, 1st Runner-up
  • CRReporting Award'11 - Best 1st time report, 2nd Runner-up

Corporate Register Reporting Awards (CRRA) is an international award where it solely evaluates corporate responsibility reports issued worldwide at a professional level. The evaluation is conducted fairly via online voting of about 37,000 global voters.

OECD Guideline for Multinational Enterprise

  • OECD Guidline for Multinational Enterprises

United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) is an international agreement made by the former UN secretary-general Kofi Annan in 2000 to urge enterprises to support and execute social responsibility. Since its official joining in UNGC on April, 2010, Hyundai E&C turned into a company responsible for the global community both in reality and in name.

Sustainability Report

You can see our previous Sustainability reports
on the HDEC Library page.

Implementation of Declaration on Coal Exit (As of Q4 2021)

Exclusion of new coal business
As of January 22, 2021, we decided not to participate in new coal business through the resolution of the BoD.
  • Hyundai E&C’s Coal Exit Policy is reflected in 2021 Sustainability Report to declare our commitment.
We will stop contracting the project related to the coal power plant such as the infrastructure construction work as well as the EPC works(main business).
  • Vietnam Quang Trach PKG-2 (Plant main biz), Bangladesh Matarbari PKG-2 (Infra sub biz)
Expanding our portfolio for renewable energy & eco-friendly business
On January, 2021, we have reorganized our existing energy division’s coal-fired power sales organization.
  • New 2 teams (renewable energy sales), strengthening fuel cells and wind power business functions
We have developed the “Hyundai E&C’s Vision 2030 Strategy”, which is including the new growth projects such as the business of renewable energy and green, and we are proceeding with the business, accordingly.
  • Hydrogen Plant, Offshore Wind Power, CCUS(Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage) and Renewable Energy Aggregation Business(PPA-based)
Eco-business’investment & Social Contribution
We are planning to expand investment in green business by issuing ESG bonds before 2025.
  • Review the third-party standards such as Taxonomy(EU, Korea), external credit rating agencies’ criteria and etc.
    * ESG bonds will be issued after reviewing changes in the market environment.
We will continue to expand and promote social contribution projects in HSE sector.
  • Energy Efficiency Improvement Project with Seoul city (H-Green Saving)
  • Promotion of environmental campaigns with employee engagement (Green Mileage, etc.)
Propelling of Environmental Management
In October 2022, Hyundai E&C declared Net Zero by 2045 and published a report called 'Global Green One Pioneer: Net Zero by 2045
  • Advancement of GHG management system, review of construction-site reduction programs, establishing low-carbon portfolio-linked reduction scenarios
We will continue to practice disclosure of information related ESG environmental management.
  • Sustainable Product Sales, TCFD/WEF/SASB reporting guidance, Water usage & Biodiversity information etc.

We have begun establishing a mid-to long-term strategy and roadmap to realize carbon neutrality.

Sustainability Management Policy